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Getting Started 🚀



Get some initial funds for paying gas fees from the Gnosis Faucet. You can get up to 0.1 xDai on the mainnet by following the instructions of the faucet.

As a buyer you can get started in the following way, go to the Unipeer App page, and place a buy order by:

  1. Choose the asset you want to buy.
  2. Enter the amount of tokens to buy.
  3. The UI will automatically select a seller for you based on the inputs (not implemented yet) or you can manually specify a seller.
  4. Click on "Place Buy Order" to make a blockchain transaction locking the seller funds for your order.
  5. You now have limited time span to make the off-chain fiat payment to the seller.
  6. To make the off-chain payment, note the sellers address and the corresponding fiat currency shown on the UI. Navigate to the payment processors webpage or app ( for example) and make the payment to the seller.
  7. Once you've made the payment to the seller, come back to the Unipeer app and switch to the "My Orders" Tab
  8. You should see your order list there, once you're sure the off-chain payment has gone through, confirm the payment via the "Confirm Paid" button.
  9. You're done! Sit back and relax for the seller to confirm. Once the seller has confirmed, the tokens will be transferred to your wallet.
  10. If your order is disputed by the seller, collect any evidence that supports your claim that you have indeed made the off-chain payment, and present it to the Kleros court jurors.


To place a buy order successfully, you need to provide a deposit needed to cover the arbitration costs in case of a dispute. It will be refunded to you unless your order is disputed and you lose the case.


The seller can only dispute your order after you've confirmed making the payment. Do so only if you have made the off-chain payment, if not your order will automatically time out after a while.


If you're looking to sell some of your crypto assets for fiat you can do so with Unipeer by:

  1. Navigate to "Sell" Tab on the Unipeer app page.
  2. You can see a list of whitelisted payment methods and tokens.
  3. Select the token you wish to sell and a corresponding payment method you are willing to accept fiat payment with.
  4. Accept a payment method for new orders to be matched to you by your payment address ( for example) and you desired fee rate on every order (Keep this low to get maximum orders).
  5. Click on the "Accept Payment Method" button to make an on-chain transaction with the details.
  6. Finally, deposit the amount of tokens you'd want to sell to the smart contract via the "Deposit" button.
  7. Buy orders should now start being matched to you. You'll be alerted when a new order is created against you via email and/or telegram bot.
  8. Once a buyer creates and confirms an order, you have limited time period to complete the order, transferring the funds to the buyer or dispute the order if you haven't received the corresponding off-chain payment by the buyer.
  9. Depending on your decision you can either "Complete Order" or "Dispute Order"
  10. If you take no action, after a set time the order will automatically be marked complete and funds transferred to the buyer.


Make sure the payment address is correct. Buyers will make the payment to this address once matched to you. You can update the address anytime however it will not be updated for any order already created so far.


Eventually bots, with the feature to connect to fiat payment processors to automatically monitor and complete/dispute orders on your behalf, will be made available that'll greatly reduce and automate a seller's operational overhead.